Rotary Club Of Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs Home & Garden Show

Hosted by Rotary Club of Dripping Springs

There are limited vendor spaces available, and they will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. You will find additional information about show specifics on the vendor interest sheet, linked below the form.

Pipe, drape, tables, and chairs NOT included in the rental price.
Vendor Preference will be given based on date of payment.

If you wish to make a payment by Credit Card, please contact us at

Release of Liability/Hold Harmless Agreement

This agreement is entered into by and between the Rotary Club of Dripping Springs Foundation, a not-for-profit, and Exhibitor. In consideration of renting booth space or participating in any fashion in the Second Annual Home & Garden Show this March 17—March 18, 2018, the undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify the Rotary Club of Dripping Springs Foundation and any and all other sponsors of the Home & Garden Show and their officers, directors, trustees, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers and servants, and anyone else connected with the management or presentation of the Home & Garden Show and will hold and save each of them harmless from any and all actions, damages, and claims, to persons or property, penalties, obligations, liabilities or attorney’s fees that may be asserted or claims by any person, firm, entity, corporation, political subdivision or other organization arising out of any errors or omissions of vendor, its agents, employees, sub-contractors, or invitees, provided for herein and arising out of the performance of this agreement.

By execution of the release I agree to hold and save the Rotary Club of Dripping Springs and all listed parties above and any sponsors not listed harmless from and against any liability, loss or damage to the full extent thereof and from and against all costs and expenses including attorney’s fees, hereafter incurred or suffered by vendor by reason of the existence of any claim, liability, loss or damage of any kind or nature arising out of my participation as a vendor/exhibitor at the Home & Garden Show.

I hereby acknowledge that I have received, read and understand the contents of the entire package that has been provided as part of the application and do hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions contained therein. I understand and agree that I am not to sell or attempt to sell items or provide services other than those listed herein or that are within a limited category not included in this agreement.

By signing below, Vendor/Exhibitor/Entertainer agrees to comply with and accept all rules and regulations contained herein.

Additional Information

Please provide the names of the two people attending your booth who will receive complimentary entrance to the 2018 Home & Garden Show:


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